Finished vorpal blade

I used a couple of red shades of nail polish to make the blood effect on the blade.

I then cut a triangle piece of foam and painted it gold for the handle.

I then glued this to the handle along with some string and used a gold pen to paint the string and draw on the rest of the design.

The finished Vorpal Blade looks like this – i’m chuffed 🙂

How to make a vorpal blade part 4

The spray painting commences. I stuck the transfer on to the blade one side at a time with prit stick and masked off round the edges.

I then used the silver plasti-cote spray paint to spray over the blade, this dried really quickly.

After removing the template it was done, I also picked any residual glue off the bade.


How to make a vorpal blade part 3

Well while I wait for the blade handle to be well glued before spray painting I decided to move on to the actual blade.

I made the template by getting an image of the real blade and importing it to Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop try Pixlr I created a new layer and used the pen tool to trace the outline of the design, I used this new layer as my template.

I used some Prit Stick to glue the paper template to some thin plastic, like the plastic sheets you put paper in.

I then cut out the design using a sharp knife.


I will stick this plastic template onto the blade and use silver spray paint to create an etched look (hopefully).