How to make a vorpal blade part 2

Continuing with my Vorpal Blade I tried to heat the foam with a heat gun, big mistake! It heated up the glue holding it together oops. So I decided to try another tactic. I coated the foam with PVA and water mix and left to dry.

This will give a good coat for the spay paint, but as a friend nicely pointed out the handle is looking a little, well, phallic. So out came the filler.

When this is dry i’ll sand it down before giving it another couple of coats of PVA, then the spray paint will cover nicely fingers crossed.

How to make a vorpal blade part 1

The Vorpal Blade is going to take a little longer than I thought so I’ll do this in a few posts. The bade I’m making is an exaggerated oversize version of Alice’s Vorpal Blade.

I found a plastic fancy dress pirate knife that had the blade shape I was looking for.
I started by cutting off the skull top on the handle and getting some black foam from an old mouse mat.


I glued this foam around the handle using a hot glue gun.

To make the shaped end of the handle I used some thicker foam and cut out the shape wanted a few times and stuck these together using the glue gun.

I then attached this shape to the end of the handle with more glue.

I am going to use a heat gun to smooth off the shape and the seal with PVA before spray painting black, then adding gold detail. I’ll let you know how this goes when I get my hands on a heat gun.