Alice did Manchester Comic Con

I’ve been so late updating this – I appologise! Here are a couple of pics from Manchester Comic Con. It was a good laugh despite the two hour queue to get in, hope everyonw else had fun too! Best buy of … Continue reading

Alice has left the building!

Well, the Eurogamer Expo is done now for another year and I must say I loved it! It was great to see all the fantastic cosplayers, many of which were lovely and friendly. I got to play some great games and had a few cheeky beers at the after party with some great and very scary zombies!

I think my first experience of cosplay has taught me a great deal, mainly the amount of time and effort that goes into the costumes. I learnt that although I enjoyed being Alice for the day I think I prefer the actual making of the costume to the wearing, maybe i’m a little too shy for the wearing haha! I’ll definitely do it again and any suggestions for my next will be gratefully received, i’ll consider anything as long as it doesn’t involve a long wig that gets in my eyes all day lol 🙂

Here is my Eurogamer Expo pic, I look a little uncomfortable.

Finished vorpal blade

I used a couple of red shades of nail polish to make the blood effect on the blade.

I then cut a triangle piece of foam and painted it gold for the handle.

I then glued this to the handle along with some string and used a gold pen to paint the string and draw on the rest of the design.

The finished Vorpal Blade looks like this – i’m chuffed 🙂

How to make a vorpal blade part 2

Continuing with my Vorpal Blade I tried to heat the foam with a heat gun, big mistake! It heated up the glue holding it together oops. So I decided to try another tactic. I coated the foam with PVA and water mix and left to dry.

This will give a good coat for the spay paint, but as a friend nicely pointed out the handle is looking a little, well, phallic. So out came the filler.

When this is dry i’ll sand it down before giving it another couple of coats of PVA, then the spray paint will cover nicely fingers crossed.