Claire did Play Expo 2012

Well, confession time, I got a bit too carried away playing Text Adventures and Manic Miner to take hardly any cosplay photos, but there were some great costumes. The picture I was most pleased to get was the one below of the Ghostbusters, they were amazing!

So, my thoughts on the day. In many ways I liked Play Expo better than Eurogamer (shock horror), I loved all the old games and consoles and the pinball and arcade machines were great fun. It may not have had the pizazz of Eurogamer, but it had a great atmosphere and a walk down memory lane.


Play Expo in my civies

I am off to Play Expo in my hometown of Manchester next week and will not be cosplaying, boo :/ I decided that as i’m only going for a day (Saturday) I would rather just go and enjoy some serious gaming.

I will however be taking pictures of the fantastic cosplayers that are there and will post some of my favourites to my blog, so if you want your picture taken come and find me – if you can recognise me without the wig haha!

This is a great site for ideas and documenting your Cosplay achievents.

Borderlands Cosplay

Came accross this little treasure trove of Cosplay so please check it out!

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