Alice has left the building!

Well, the Eurogamer Expo is done now for another year and I must say I loved it! It was great to see all the fantastic cosplayers, many of which were lovely and friendly. I got to play some great games and had a few cheeky beers at the after party with some great and very scary zombies!

I think my first experience of cosplay has taught me a great deal, mainly the amount of time and effort that goes into the costumes. I learnt that although I enjoyed being Alice for the day I think I prefer the actual making of the costume to the wearing, maybe i’m a little too shy for the wearing haha! I’ll definitely do it again and any suggestions for my next will be gratefully received, i’ll consider anything as long as it doesn’t involve a long wig that gets in my eyes all day lol šŸ™‚

Here is my Eurogamer Expo pic, I look a little uncomfortable.


3 thoughts on “Alice has left the building!

  1. Hi Claire

    I actually took your photo at Eurogamer on the Saturday and found your blog when I was trying to find out who some of the more obscure cosplayers were supposed to be! I thought your costume was amazing and am a big fan of The Madness Returns so would like to thank you for allowing me to take the picture.

    I think your shyness did show a bit and because I’m fairly shy myself I got nervous and it all turned a little bit awkward! I remember I really wanted to take a second photo with you facing the other way so there was more stuff in the background, but I wasn’t sure if you had agreed to have your photo taken because you wanted it to be taken, or because you didn’t know how to tell me no, so I sort of scampered before I even got a chance to take another!

    You can download the photo here if you like:

    My final EG edit is here as well, featuring more cosplayers in case you know any of them:

    Thanks again for letting me take the photo and I hope it’s not too long before you have your costume on again!

    • Hiya Daniel, thanks for the link to the photo, I think it’s the best one I have from the day, do you mind if I pop it on my blog (credited of course)? Sorry about not being able to get another pic, I was a little nervous but yes you definitely have permission to use the photo. I may wear it again to Play Expo in a couple of weeks and then plan another cosplay for next year.

      Thanks for taking my pic and your Eurogamer pictures look great šŸ™‚

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