I have a new sewing machine!

Thanks to Gumtree I now have a ‘new to me’ sewing machine. After my old one dying on me through years of punishment and a few rubbish replacements I am now the proud owner of a fantastic Singer Concerto 2.

Ok, so bring on Alice’s pinafore!

Singer Concerto 2


How to make a vorpal blade part 1

The Vorpal Blade is going to take a little longer than I thought so I’ll do this in a few posts. The bade I’m making is an exaggerated oversize version of Alice’s Vorpal Blade.

I found a plastic fancy dress pirate knife that had the blade shape I was looking for.
I started by cutting off the skull top on the handle and getting some black foam from an old mouse mat.


I glued this foam around the handle using a hot glue gun.

To make the shaped end of the handle I used some thicker foam and cut out the shape wanted a few times and stuck these together using the glue gun.

I then attached this shape to the end of the handle with more glue.

I am going to use a heat gun to smooth off the shape and the seal with PVA before spray painting black, then adding gold detail. I’ll let you know how this goes when I get my hands on a heat gun.

How to make a skull brooch

Well my love affair with air drying clay continues. To make a skull brooch for the bow at the back of the apron I moulded the clay into a skull shape. I scored the back so the brooch clasps would stick on better.

I then let it dry, this took forever! I waited a few days and then got impatient and put it in the oven on a very low heat for a few minutes to finish it off. I then painted the detail on using black watercolour paint.

I then glued two brooch clasps on the back with superglue.

When the clasps were dry and stuck on solid I coated the brooch with clear varnish and voila!


This is a great site for ideas and documenting your Cosplay achievents.

Borderlands Cosplay

Came accross this little treasure trove of Cosplay so please check it out!

Welcome to Cosplay Island

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Shop Directory – User submitted directory of some of the best places to get your cosplay supplies from.

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Tutorials – Learn new techniques in our guided tutorials.

Cosplay News – Stay updated with all the latest news from the UK scene.

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How to make an omega necklace

I decided to start by making the Omega (or horseshoe) necklace. I got an old necklace and removed the charm so I had a chain and fitting which I could glue into my new omega charm.

I made the charm out of air drying clay. Once I had created the shape I poked the fitting into the top leaving a small hole to pop the fitting in later.


This took a day or so to dry. Once it was dry I sprayed it with Plasti-kote silver paint. This took about 3 coats to look shiny.

After it was all dry I glued the fixing to the charm using superglue. This is the end result.


Next I’ll be making the skull broach for the back of the apron bow.

Claire does America McGee’s Alice

Well I am going to the Eurogamer Expo this year for the first time and am getting into the Cosplay spirit as America McGee’s Alice from Alice Madness Returns.

I have recently played this game and absolutely loved it! It ticked all the boxes for my ideal game, a bit scary at times with lots of blood, puzzles and visually stunning. So to say thanks I shall attempt to transform myself for one day only into Alice.

This blog will document my progress making the costume and also how it turns out, so watch this space…

Also check out my friends’ Cosplay blogs who will be going with me to Eurogamer: